Liam Bray

design research / interaction design

About me

I am an interdisciplinary design practitioner with experience in creative technologies, interaction design and design research.

For the past 7 years I have worked as a design researcher and educator at a The University of Sydney. I am the Program Director of the Bachelor of Design Computing and in 2020 I co-founded the Special Design Research Studio.

My current research focus is enhancing the role artificially intelligent systems play in collaborative creative tasks like making music. 

Key Publications

Interaction Design & Computational Creativity
Applying core interaction design principles to computational creativity.
Bray, Liam, and Oliver Bown. Proceedings of the seventh international conference on computational creativity. 2016. Link

Designing for Encapsualtion and Visibility
How Can We Deal With The Design Principle Of Visibility In Highly Encapsulated Computationally Creative Systems?.
Bray, Liam, Oliver Bown, and Benjamin Carey. Proceedings of the eighth international conference on computational creativity. 2017. Link

Modular Synthesis and Complexity
Modular Structure: Observations on Managing Compositional Algorithms
Bray, Liam, Oliver Bown, and Benjamin Carey. Proceedings of the seventh International Workshop on Musical Metacreation. 2019. Link

Recent Work

VIVO concept store - Shenzhen China
How do you make memorable experiences in retail environments? The VIVO concept store in Shenzhen China is a multi-activation retail experience that engages users through creative interactions. Using a 360-degree geodesic dome, users enter into a planetarium display controlled by a realtime video interface allowing them to move through landscapes and immersive lighting environments. Link

Bubbles not Balloons - Melbourne Zoo
One of the leading causes of wildlife injury in the oceans around Australia is ocean plastics. The Melbourne Zoo promotes a strong yet simple message to their 1000’s of daily visitors; at your next outdoor party blow bubbles, not balloons. This outdoor summer activation used machine-learning driven computer vision and web-technologies to engage users with this message. Visitors from the age of 3 upwards are rewarded with sprays of real bubbles when they successfully bin all the balloons on the screen. Link

Activated - VIVID Light Festival
Created with Bernadette Basch and Gwen Taualai, Activated was an immersive light sculpture that playfully engages visitors by combining architectural, visual, and musical techniques to create a novel interactive experience. Link